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Riaz Ali
Faiz Ali jiskani
Dr saman Waqar Naqvi


Immunization remains one of the most important public health interventions and cost-effective strategies to reduce child mortality and morbidity associated with childhood infectious diseases, but despite amazing progress in reaching more children over the years, many children are still not getting to complete their schedules of routine immunization before their first year of life (WHO, 2009). Childhood Immunization Vaccinations given to children to prevent the development of infectious diseases. The goal of study to determine the Prevalence of childhood Immunization, factors affecting the childhood immunization and determine the Association of childhood immunization and various Socio-demographic factors in Tehsil Nara.A Descriptive Cross Sectional Study was conduct because Factors Affecting Completion of Childhood Immunization in Tehsil Nara the proposed sampling method for this research study is Simple Random probability sampling in district Khairpur tehsils and similarly, the non-probability Convenience in UCs data collection were used. I generate the sample size of my research 384 for sample size; A total of 384 questionnaires will be distributed among the people Tehsil Nara District Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan.Results  indicated that childhood vaccination coverage who are received the BCG(79%) , children who are received the Pneumococcal (PCV) (94%) ,DPT(96% ) ,Polio (100%) , Measles(90%) , Typhoid(86%) , and availability of vaccination cards are (78%) completed the immunization in Tehsil Nara District Khairpur. Pearson’s Chi-Squared test for independence was used to check association of childhood immunization and socio demographic characteristics. The overall full basic childhood immunization coverage in Tehsil Nara was still low. Policy makers should Identify children at risk of low immunization coverage and Implement educational interventions targeting on less educated parents, and conduct Mass immunization campaigns for timely and complete immunization.


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Ali, R., jiskani , F. A., & Waqar Naqvi , D. saman. (2024). FACTORS AFFECTING COMPLETION OF CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATION IN TEHSIL NARA DISTRICT KHAIRPUR. International Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 3(1), 851–860. Retrieved from https://irjssh.com/index.php/irjssh/article/view/142