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Wajid Ali
Abdul Zahid Khan
Imran Munawar Qureshi


This research examines the relationship between emotional intelligence and project success, with team building serving as a mediator. The study's specific context is project-based organizations. To investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence project success and team building. The identification of team building as a mediator between emotional intelligence and the achievement of project success. The data was obtained through the administration of a questionnaire to a sample of 350 employees who were engaged in various projects across multiple minor venues.  The data were analyzed using SPSS-23. The findings suggest a positive correlation between emotional intelligence and project objectives. The Emotional Intelligence and team building is statistically significant (r = .276**), indicating a favorable relationship between Project Success (r=.180**). The results indicate a statistically significant between Team Building and Project Success (r=.266**). This study aims to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence, team building, and project success, specifically focusing on the indirect effects indicated by the coefficient value. In their research findings, it is authoritative top management to recognize the significance of project managers who possess emotional intelligence and acknowledge their valuable contribution to the overall success of projects. Projects that possess emotional intelligence have the ability to effectively address and manage the negative emotions and stress experienced by team members. Managers who possess emotional intelligence demonstrate the capacity to effectively manage and control their emotions when challenged with complicated situations in the workplace. The ability to articulate emotions facilitates enhanced and efficient communication between project managers and their team members. Emotional expressiveness leads project managers to establish teamwork, which leads to project success. Additional mediator variables, including on work satisfaction, trust, and self-efficacy, are expected to be identified in future research.


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Ali, W., Khan, A. Z., Noor-ul-Amin , D., & Qureshi , I. M. (2024). THE INFLUENCE OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND TEAM BUILDING ON PROJECT SUCCESS. International Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 3(1), 616–641. Retrieved from